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  • “April, did you really get caught yesterday or was that a dream?” Heather said 1 /
    on May 23 2011 07:25 AM
  • I open the door to my dorm room, closing it tightly behind me. I turn on the main light and set my purse on the end table next to the door. I then go into the bathroom to take of my make-up and throw my hair into a ponytail.
    on May 23 2011 07:05 AM
  • I was all dressed, hair curled, and make-up on about to walk out the door when Heather cam
    on May 23 2011 07:03 AM
  • Main Characters - 1 / April(Me) - Druggie, Drinks alot, Sex, Smokes, Forced to public sch
    on May 23 2011 06:57 AM
  • Katie and Liam were running they had finally made it to a safe place, the drain pipes.1 /
    on Mar 31 2011 11:44 AM
  • Dear Diary, 1 / I am afraid. There is nothing more than that. I am afraid. Why, why do I h
    on Mar 25 2011 12:26 PM

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I am funny and I like to comment on stories so if you leave a link to a story on my page I will deffinitly read it and comment back. I get on everyday so if you have something you would like to leave me I will get it the next day if I am not on. I am sorta lame but I also like getting comments a reading them mean or not. I always reply back to meassges even if I don't know you I am really weird but ya'll should know that by now.

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  • My wish / is for / the little kids / to be safe.
    on Sep 03 2009 11:01 AM
  • Go away / don't come / back / I don't want you
    on Aug 29 2009 05:09 AM
  • Look in my eyes / tell me / you love / me
    on Aug 29 2009 05:06 AM

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  • If I won the lottery what would I do? It depends on how much it was. Sometime it is just 5 dollers or mybe 20 or the jackbot lottery. If it was large some of money I would put have in my bank account and the other half I would use to buy th
    on Nov 09 2010 10:10 AM
  • Today we had a garage sale I made 18.00 hurrah for
    on Jul 10 2009 11:33 AM

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  • All you have to do is ask me a question and I will post your question along with the answe
    on Apr 14 2010 10:42 PM
  • This is an advice column. If you need advice on something put your question in a message to me and tell me its for the column.
    on Nov 07 2009 05:31 AM

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